A TED talks feature

In this TED talks feature:

Shocking statistics about global mental health resources and inspirational ideas on how to make treatment more accessible.

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Getting treatment for a mental illness when you live in the developing world is hardly as easy as making an appointment with a therapist or psychiatrist. Mental illness is often not treated with the same sense of urgency as physical illness, and resources to provide care are simply not available in many areas.

In this moving talk at TEDGlobal 2012, mental health care advocate Vikram Patel gave a startling statistic — that in developed countries roughly 50 percent of people don’t receive appropriate care for mental disorders but that, in developing countries, the treatment gap rockets sky-high to 90 percent.

Why? Another statistic from Patel’s research illuminates the problem. If you translate the percentage of psychiatrists in the population in the United Kingdom to India, you’d expect to see about 150,000 of them. But in the world’s second most populous country, the actual number of psychiatrists is closer to 3,000. The…

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