My anxieties about blogging

I must sound like a broken record now, but (here we go again) due to being new to blogging, I am battling over a few concerns that I have about writing my thoughts on this very public medium. For one, I find myself wanting to write about a million things at once. Yet at the same time, when I sit down to try to write, I have difficulty forming clear and organized thoughts regarding my ideas and opinions, let alone figuring out how to start the paragraph! I’m sure this is something that will come with practice (hopefully *crosses fingers*), but I also feel daunted while browsing through wordpress and reading such amazing writing and expression of opinions. Together, these feelings are what contributed to the sparseness of my previous few entries. For example, in response to Vikram Patel’s TED talk, I wanted to elaborate on some of the topics that he addressed, and their correlation and significance to mental health care here in California (more specifically Los Angeles, where most of my experiences lie). I listened to the speech several times, took notes, jotted down ideas, but when it came time to write, I froze.

I thought it about it for a couple days, about what was preventing me from writing, and I came to the conclusion that I am nervous about how people might react to what I have to say. I am not a highly specialized professional (not yet anyway), most of my opinions come from anecdotal evidence, and I constantly find myself saying “well who am I to say such and such” and “but what do I know?”, etc. In addition to that, I usually try to avoid confrontation, I am horrible at arguing (I can only think of good comebacks after the argument is over… ), and I am generally shy around people I don’t know very well.

Today, I again had difficulty writing a response to TED talks episode previously posted, so I decided to write about my barriers to writing instead. Pressing the keys to write out this blurb has been therapeutic for me, and I noticed that I am putting too much pressure on myself and am taking this thing way too seriously. I set out on this blogging adventure to learn more about my ideals, my passions, and myself and most importantly to have fun while doing it. But just to get into the swing of things, I think I’ll try writing about something else for my next post, something that I can just write about more freely: I’ll write a post about a DIY earring organizer I made recently – coming tomorrow! 🙂 And soon, I do hope to get into a discussion with you all on some more serious matters. I leave you with a song!

Thanks for your support,



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