DIY Earring Hangers!

I consider myself a fairly organized person, especially during stressful times since I find putting things in order very relaxing. Recently while working through my room putting everything in its proper place during a bout of stress, I came upon a box of jewelry that I had complied sometime ago during a move and had forgotten about since. In it I found handfuls of earrings, as well as throngs of ridiculous looking bangles collected during my high school years, that I hadn’t seen (or even remembered existed) in years! Although I was excited about the prospect of tastefully reincorporating these “new” accessories to my current outfits, I was slightly bothered about the fact that I had no way to organize them, and decided it was necessary to take some DIY action and make an earring organizer.

Although I’m not sure where the idea came from exactly, I assume I probably saw something similar once upon a time and subconsciously tucked away the idea for a day when I would have enough spare time on my hands to do some crafting. I wandered onto Etsy to gather some ideas on how to decorate my project, and surprisingly found that there were thousands of these earring hanger designers, many of them who were selling their creations for a pretty hefty chunk of change. I browsed through many unique and beautifully decorated  earring hangers, gathered up an idea of how I wanted to create mine, and went to my local Walmart, Joann’s Fabrics, and Michaels to gather some materials. After shopping for supplies, I can definitely see how the pricing on Etsy is justifiable, since unique looking frames are hard to come by and definitely not cheap. Heres what I came up with (please excuse the shabby photography):

My first attempt – with my organized earrings.

A closer look at the details.

Second attempt – I made this one for a friend.

Another close up.

I think they came out pretty cool, and definitely better than anticipated. Something that I think is pretty unique to my creation is the material that I used for the lining. On Etsy, I saw many designers use screen material, and chicken wire, but I wanted to try something different – I think I’ll call them Silver Lining Earring Organizers. What do you guys think about my creations? I am definitely open to selling these, or creating custom orders, if there is a demand. Let me know, and then we can talk details 🙂



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