Sharing: my nail art designs, and some more tunes!

When I get a chance to steal away from the days activities and spend some time alone, one of my favorite ways to spend that time is by listening to music (look below for some tunes) or watching TV, and creating some nail art (ladies, back me up here). Sadly/surprisingly, due to my nail polish OCD, it can take me up to two hours sometimes to try and perfect my nail design. I thought I would share with you all the fruits of my labor:

Unfortunately, most of these are old photos (and excuse the questionable photography) so I don’t remember exactly which nail polishes I’ve used for each one. However, if you are dying to know for a particular design, which nail polishes I’ve used, I will try my best to figure out for you the names of the polishes 🙂

I’ll leave you all with a song from POP Etc, also known previously as The Morning Benders.

They sound drastically different and evoke a whole other feel from before they changed their name. As much as I liked The Morning Benders originally, I must say their newer more electro stuff is also pretty ear-catching. But nothing will ever beat their live versions during the Yours Truly Sessions.

Enjoy, and as always, feel free to share with me your thoughts!



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